Welcome to Real Life Game Design

The ultimate goal of this website is to create a fictive society which can stand up to worlds greatest dangers, like poverty, war and crime, using Game concepts as motivation concepts. On this path, I intend to create a virtual reality to balance practicability of my Ideas.

The project is long-term based. Quality has higher priority than results. Only functional results are worth testing in the real world. We had seen enough failing societies through human history. The more support this project gains, the higher are chances to succed.

Projects in view:

  • Alternative money system
  • Virtual reality as in "Matrix"
  • MMORPGs in such environment

Sadly, my English is not good enough to do the trick without translation support. The main page is German. Currently the most pressing issue is gathering allies to reach a large audience and build up the crew fitting to the project. Primary I search in Germany but please feel free to contact me if you are interested. 


Please note that my concepts at this time are designed for Germany. Different countrys and kultures need individual solutions. If the time for international conceptions is at hand, recommend regional project management with arranged overlapping ambitions, but regional adjustment.

If any offenses are taken they are not meant to.